What’s the meaning of ‘Double-Fisting’ in this sentence…. beats me…

Sabri pointed out the following link about the celebrations in the Torino 2006 Olympic logoolympic village:

"Part of the fun is trying to outdo other fans with your outfits," said Patrick Voorn, sporting the cow hat, a tribute to the Dutch countryside. "We also like to party, drink a lot of beer," said Janneke Kelder, who was double-fisting at the time of the comment.

Can someone please explain the meaning of the ‘double-fisting’ here…. As I doubt it is what I would think it is… (google for it for a shitload of porn references…)

Di-rect at PaardVanTroje Den Haag

Di-rect @ PaardvantrojeMy neice is a huge fan of the dutch band Di-rect… and has been to dozens of their gigs. This sunday (19th) they were playing in ‘het Paard van Troje’ in Den Haag. She’s never been there, so she asked me to come along. While di-rect is not exactly my cup-of-tea I went along for the fun of it 😉 It’s not often that you get to see a mosh-pit consisting exclusively of teenage girls…. Times sure have changed since I was that old… Anyhoo, it gave me a nice chance to take some great pictures and test a new flash-based foto-gallery application called SimpleViewer