It’s snowing…. (First day @work)

Today was the first day at work for my new company… Snow IT, so far not too much I could do, they’re still working hard to find me some job to do. I did get a new temporary car from them, which is a couple of steps up from the Ford Fiesta and VW Lupo I have been driving lately… it’s a brand-spanking-new VW Touran which had about 20 kilometers on the clock when I got it this afternoon.

It appears to be a more then nice car, with all kinds of fancy features, and loads of space. It has a nice radio/cd player, dual-settable automatic airconditioning (seperate for left and right) and all kinds of electrical gadgets… It’ll be a shame that I have to return it thursday… but I should get a VW Golf again then… which is also a really nice car (and something I’ve been driving for the past 5 years)

I also have a new mobile number off-course… but for the time being I’ll hang on to my old one as well ;)

More news when I hear it… hopefully they find me a job close to home… that saves me lots of road-time.