Yesterday was the Snow.nl x-mas dinner in ‘Het Koetshuis’ (http://www.koetshuis.nl) in Bennekom. Just like last year we completely filled up the place, but this time we really filled it to capacity…. Snow is getting rather big. It was really great, seeing lots of collegues again, some new people, some old friends. The food was classy, as was to be expected. It’s not my taste, but I managed to eat enough to leave with a full belly. The x-mas gift this year wasn’t what a large group expected (psp), but a personalzed, engraved Leatherman Charge Ti, coupled with a Inova X1 led-torch. The snow old-timers got a leatherman expansion-kit, since they allready got one a few years ago.

I expect to get some good use out of both gifts, especially during the next CCC event, next week.

This weekend it’s X-mas… And i’m gonna spend the first day at my parents, and will be leaving for Berlin on monday. More in a later update, as I should have net-access there ;)

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