The belgian band Millionaire was playing at the BNN radio show “That’s Live”… and I decided that I should visit. Their performance was great, but a radio-show is not a great way to see a band, they only get to play a couple of songs (2×2 in this case) and it takes 2 hours to get that far… However, they will be touring the area in the coming months, so maybe I’ll catch them again in a club later this year.

Afterwards I went to Amsterdam to go get some beers with Veenbeest and some friends he had tagging along. Habbie and MacTijn were supposed to be coming too, but they cancelled. We ended up at FM’s place with some kebab and drinks.

Vive La Fete

Last friday and saturday the belgian band Vive La Fete were in the country, friday at ‘Het Paard’ in The Hague, which I sadly couln’t attend, but they were in ‘De Kade’ in Zaandam the day later, and I dicided to drop by over there. It was my first time in Zaandam, but it was quite easy to find the place. When I got there around 21:45 is was very quiet, with only 20 or so people in the room. Just past ten the warmup-act ‘The Hollywood Pornstars’ started. A nice and loud mix of rock music continued for the next 45 minutes. After a short break to rearrange the stage darkness was restored to the room and some classical music started playing while the crowd started chearing on the band. By this time it had gotten quite full and cosy. After the classical music ended the band arrived on-stage and started playing. I managed to keep my place right in the first line, almost in the middle for the entire concert, so I had a great view, although it was a tad LOUD (*autch my ears are ringing*). Els and Danny put on a great show, lots of people were singing and dancing along and the overall mood was great. On their last song they dragged lots of people on stage, and let them sing, chear and play guitar on stage, while the band itself (at least Danny and Els) left the stage. When they returned they did another 3 songs, and at 00:30 they left for the evening.

After I picked up one of their cd’s at the exit I went back home, with the new cd screaming in the car-stereo…. where it still sits today. Unfortunatly I ran out of money and could only get one cd, and not the other cd’s and t-shirts… maybe next time (or online via Lalaland Music)