Tonight we went to Korsakoff in Amsterdam (down the street from the melkweg). Habbie, Webmind, N_ice, Liessa, Skatey and me arrived there at about 00:30 and the place was allready booming, good music, nice people, good policy/rules and a very good mood )

Lot’s of alternative, metal and goth music, with the occasional 80’s classic thrown in for good fun. Defenitly something we need to do again soon ;) .

Liessa’s friends we met there also invited us to another goth/metal partly somewhere in May, details will follow.

B.t.w. a good thing to remember is the ‘Park and Bike’ facility at the Olympic Stadium parking… just 5.50 for parking 24 hours and borrowing a decent bike to drive into the city-center and back.
Especially handy when you get back at like 04:00, when there are only nite-buses which don’t go in your direction ;)


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