Going to Berlin

I’ll be leaving for a week in Berlin next week. I’m mainly going there
to visit the Chaos Computer Club’s 21st conferance, but I’m also
staying some time to visit the beautifull city of Berlin. Expect some
updates and pictures after x-mas. I’ll try to log in occasionally to do
some updates when I can find connectivity ;)

I’m going by train, since I don’t feel happy driving all the way
to berlin in my tiny car on slippery snowy roads, besides, where would
I leave it in a city like Berlin. I’m staying at a hostel near
Alexanderplatz, which is also where the conference will be held.

When I come back I’ll be starting with my new job at Snow IT.
Hopefully they’ll have a nice assignment for me by the time I get back.

Some relevant links:

Chaos Computer Club

21C3 Wiki

Event Schedule

Berlin Map

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